Case erector – PackPoint 08

The PackPoint 08 is a semi-automatic box former. This machine allows the operator to form cardboard boxes quickly and efficiently. The system helps to fold the boxes at the bottom and / or top before going through the sealer, which will finish the process.

A very convenient former

The measurements of the PackPoint 08 make it a good ally at your end of the line. Warehouse people introduce the box at an angle to fold the lower part, and once it is formed, the filling can begin. The pneumatic controls of the machine will finish positioning the box so that, finally, it can be sealed and ready for palletizing.

At Comarme we work with all kinds of sectors, and due to the requirements and regulations of industries such as meat, food or pharmaceutical, we offer designs in stainless steel. This type of material is more resistant than usual and allows a much more thorough cleaning, which ensures health standards of the product.

Chain work

The PackPoint 08 is ready to be used with sealers like the GEM B520. Thus, once we have a box formed and closed at the bottom, it can be transferred to the filling lines. It has many accessories making it a very versatile machine, which can be installed in a permanent way or with wheels, so that it can be moved more easily, being one more piece of equipment in a warehouse

The maximum measurements that the machine accepts are 650mm long and 520mm both in width and depth. Versatility at your service so that you can handle your product with a fast and efficient former. Are you interested in automatic versions? These are the Comarme Ibérica automatics.