Case erector – PackPoint 520/670

The Pack Point 520/670 Former is the best bet for your cardboard boxes at the time of filling. Semi-automatic box forming is the first step towards a high-quality sealing line. PackPoint’s 520 and 670 semi-automatics fold the bottom flaps automatically, and lock the box in this position. In this way, better handling performance is achieved.

An easy-to-fill former

The aim of the PackPoint range is to create a comfortable and efficient forming point. Boxes can be filled in a simple way and then moved to the automatic sealing station. Both the PackPoint 520 and 670 can be combined with the GEM B520 and 670 sealing machines. This versatility makes the Pack Points essential machines for maintaining an optimal rate of forming in the warehouse.

The size of the boxes determines the model that a client requires. The PP520 reaches a maximum of 700mm long, 5820mm wide and 520mm deep. If you need more than this then the PP670 offers up to 800mm long and 670mm wide and deep.