GEM 535 – Cardboard box sealer

The GEM 535 is the result of evolving customer needs. The 535 incorporates a new drive that gives more versatility to a machine which is can seal cardboard boxes. While most machines on the market have either side or upper belts, the GEM 535 revolutionizes the concept.

2 types of simultaneous belt

The innovation this gem incorporates is that your cardboard boxes are driven by two side belts at the bottom of the machine and two upper belts located on the side and side of the head. The bottom line is located on the sides, and the interior one, facing downwards, allows taller, narrower boxes. This variation improves the GEM, making it much more versatile in terms of the variety of boxes which can be used.

Sealing for quality cardboard boxes

Having this type of machinery meets the objective of offering the best quality to customers. The variety of machines means more possibilities for each client. If a box needs to be taller and narrower, we develop the machine. The new systems close cardboard boxes from one end to the other, thanks to perfect centring after entering the line from a former, whether manual or automatic or coming from different lines.