F2000 – Case erector

The F2000 cardboard box former opens up Comarme Ibérica’s range of automatic machines. It is designed to extract boxes from the side container which are then folded. The machine is prepared to work with all types of cardboard, including thin cardboard boxes.

A former with all the guarantees

This former has a drive-belt system that blocks the box in three different parts. With this, the box is guaranteed to be perfectly sealed, and folded at the height you require. The cardboard box locking system ensures that flaps do not touch, and admits depths and widths up to 500mm. The side container has the capacity for 100 units, and the machine averages an assembly of more than 900 boxes per hour.

Special finishes

Comarme always works to adapt fully to each project. The F2000 is one of the brand’s star formers, which means it can be delivered with different accessories designed to improve user experience.

  • F2000 + CAR2002: The CAR 2002 is an automatic pneumatic loader that acts as a container with a capacity between 270 and 300 boxes. Its function is to increase the working autonomy of the machine. Built in stainless steel, the cardboard boxes are placed vertically in relation to the ground and move towards the former on two parallel chains. It has a warning light to warn us when the charger is empty.
  • F2000 INOX: The F2000 is also available in a stainless finish, designed for any type of industry that, by regulation must have machinery in this type of material. We are talking about industries such as meat, fish, food or also pharmaceuticals, where cleaning and prevention are crucial.
  • F200 SLIDE: With the Slide system the F2000 can be adapted to spaces where the side loader cannot be installed. This improvement means the system can have the container at the rear of the machine, and as it is an autonomous mechanism it prepares boxes for assembly.

Solutions for your end of line?

Versatility is one of the hallmarks of the F2000 cardboard box former from Comarme. Our engineers can install it at your end of line. If you already have a line, the F2000 can be incorporated perfectly. Limited space? No problem, its small size means it can be installed in small spaces.