F2008 – Cardboard box former

The Comarme F2008 automatic carton erector can erect larger units than its little sister, the F2000 automatic carton erector by picking them directly from the side magazine by folding the four inner flaps. The formed carton is automatically sealed and sent to the filling line in a short and effective process. Comarme’s patented forming system ensures a reliable process also in case of light boxes and thinner cartons.

A forming machine with all the guarantees

This erector is equipped with a dragging system that locks the carton on three different sides. This guarantees a perfect sealing of the box and a folding that meets your needs. The cardboard box locking system ensures that the flaps do not touch, and allows for depths and widths up to 500 mm. The side magazine holds up to 110 units, and the machine averages more than 720 cartons per hour. Optional PLC with touch panel, braked wheels or a motorized magazine with a capacity of up to 300 units can be fitted.

Solutions for your end-of-line?

Versatility is one of the features of the Comarme F2008 carton erector. Therefore, our engineers can implement it in an end of line. If you have a previous line, the F2008 integrates perfectly into it, limited space? no problem, its reduced size allows its installation. The F range also includes the F2000 and F2010.