GEM B52 / B670 Sealer

The GEM B52 sealer is the perfect complement in your warehouse. If you are looking for a basic cardboard box sealer, which is light but with a large production capacity, this is your best choice. It can close up to 1000 boxes per hour and has a speed of 27 m / m. Convenient for your work, this semi-automatic can fit perfectly at the end of automatic box formers.

Quick and easy use

The GEM B52 and B670 fir perfectly in your end of line, and will adapt immediately to your needs. A machine that does not require specialized use, and which anyone in your warehouse can use. Thanks to its side drive with belts and a single motor, entry and exit is controlled well. It also means that sealing for single-format American-type boxes is perfect.

An economical packing station

These types of sealers are a great starting point if you want to set up an inexpensive but efficient station. They adapt perfectly to the F-Range formers, which you can find out about by clicking on this link.