F1000 – Cardboard box former

The F1000 cardboard box former ensures performance and quality when forming cardboard boxes at any end of line. The versatility of this machine allows an average production of more than 700 boxes per hour in a container with up to 110 boxes ready to form. In addition, it has optional accessories that allow a motorized container which increases this to 270 boxes.

A former with every guarantee

The F1000 is a versatile machine also available in stainless steel. With a stainless-steel cardboard box former in a factory, or warehouse, production can be adapted to current regulations. Stainless steel is mandatory in many industries and sectors that require thorough cleaning of machinery, in addition to this it ensures health standards of their facilities. For this reason, this F1000 can also be manufactured in this type of material.

The options

The machine can be adapted to any type of need.

  • PLC with touch screen panel.
  • Wheels with brakes.
  • Motorized container with capacity up to 270 boxes

The F1000 is fully compatible with the GEMB52 box base sealer, perfect for sealing boxes once formed. In this way, a complete fully independent forming and sealing line is achieved.

Solutions for your end of line?

The team of engineers and designers at Comarme Ibérica can adapt any machine to an already existing line or create a project from zero.