GEM X350/X360 Sealers

GEM X350/X360 sealers are a new twist in the world of box sealers. If you are looking for an efficient system for sealing cardboard boxes, here is the solution. The X system features automatic sizing, allowing you to play with batches of boxes with different formats.

600 boxes / hour in variable format

The system designed for this type of sealer has the perfect drive for all types of boxes: tall, short or with irregular shapes. Placed horizontally, these bands help the box to enter the sealer completely straight. This makes for a perfect seal. The important thing about this machine is that you can seal both sides. Likewise, it guarantees blocking of boxes by means of mechanical side arms.

Additionally, the box closing system has a patented system so you can determine the weight that the box will support in advance.

Deluxe sealers at your end of line

The GEM X adapts to conveyor belts at their exit, and forms part of a high-performance packing station. Do you need to tape cardboard boxes with different sizes? This is your best option. More performance? Click here to find out more about automatic machines from Comarme Ibérica.